The Sea Turtles of Barbados

Sea Turtles Giant Sculpture
The last giant size hand-sculpted turtle from our Limited Edition Collection will be reaching the shores of Barbados at the end of March

This week Caribbean Director, Emma Blanc, speaks about the special connection that Jenny Blanc has with The Barbados Sea Turtle Project and the wonderful products that we have had specially commissioned in the name of this crucial cause…

Emma Blanc Portrait PhotographHaving lived on the beach for the last 5 years I have had the privilege and pleasure of witnessing the nesting and hatching of many of the now critically endangered Hawksbill Turtles of Barbados, even having to rescue over 100 hatchlings from the pool in front on our building as they mistook the lights for the moon.

Sadly they have become endangered due to over-harvesting by man, primarily for the illegal trade of the shell but also for their meat & eggs. The population recovery is an extremely slow process and even their nesting beaches are under threat from irresponsible beach front developments which can result in their nests being washed away.

Thankfully, The Barbados Sea Turtle Project offers sound advice to our visitors and residents on how to interact with the nesting and hatching process and what you should and should not do if you are fortunate enough to be in the right place. The project has a special hotline to call as soon as you see activity on the beach, and The Barbados Sea Turtle Project website is

Barbados Sea Turtles Project Logo

Jenny Blanc has therefore pledged its support to The Barbados Sea Turtle Project, and we are donating 5% from the sale of each turtle item we have at the Barbados Showroom from coasters to cushions to our very own Limited Edition Turtle Sculptures.

If you want to see the Turtles for yourself they nest on all beaches of the south and west coast of the island. However, due to concerns about safety, The Sea Turtle project usually recommends the South Coast Boardwalk as the best place for observing sea turtles.

Sea Turtle Cushions

Sea Turtles Bespoke Turtle Cushions
Bespoke cushions & our small Limited Edition Turtles

Barbados is extremely important for these lovely creatures having the second largest Hawksbill nesting population in the wider Caribbean, about 500 a year! Most other islands have populations of less than 200 a year down to a miniscule 2 -5 per year.

As tempting as it may be to try and get close, it takes a mother over an hour to lay her eggs. So, she needs to be left to do this in as much peace as possible. The same goes for the hatching process, if you see them emerge at night and they are moving towards the sea, let them go!

Sea Turtle Canvas Turtle Bags
Canvas Turtle Beach Bag
Sea Turtle White Bronze Paperweight
Gorgeous White Bronze Paperweights made for Jenny Blanc
Sea Turtle Brass Turtle Box
Brass & Abalone Shell Turtle Box
Sea Turtle Stone Coasters
Exclusively designed Stone Coasters with artwork created by local artist Linda Roach arriving at the end of March in 6 Designs

These wood carving branches below are formed from a naturally occurring, mushroom-like growth that embeds itself into the bark of a White Cedar or Chinaberry tree. Sea Turtle Wood CarvingsThe growths are so hard and dense that they don’t decay when the tree is dead and rots away leaving them to be picked up and the used as a beautiful base for our Swimming Turtles, crafted by talented artisans.

The majority of team at The Barbados Sea Turtle Project are all volunteers and it is seriously underfunded, which is why we would like you to help us help them and at the same time enhance your home with something lovely from our Turtle collection at the Barbados showroom in St James.

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