The Launch Party!

Jenny Blanc Barbados

Jenny Blanc, in fabulous sapphire silk, welcomed over 100 guests to the new showroom in St James, Barbados, on one of the best tropical evenings of the season- balmy and with a slight breeze. As an old fashioned suited and booted combo band played calypso and Frank Sinatra, guests enjoyed glasses of Champagne decorated with liqueur-imbued Barbadian sorrell flowers. Guests included Barbadian dignitaries,valued clients, Barbadian friends and partners the company has built up over the years and some of the most influential business people on the island. It was hard for guests to chat and not to shop, but the shopping has carried on in earnest ever since! Jenny is overwhelmed by the comments and reaction she is receiving with everyone on the island wishing the company all the very best for an exciting future in Barbados.

The Launch Party! 1
Before the fun begins Jenny Blanc and Design Director Sue Thomas-Richardson soak up the beautiful surroundings. Sue was born and brought up in Barbados. For over a decade these two passionate designers have worked towards this very special day.

The Launch Party! 2
Enjoying an early evening Jenny Blanc team moment before the guests arrive
The Launch Party! 3
Renowned English artist Sylvia Janice Brock surrounded by accompanying friends
The Launch Party! 4
Dame Jacqueline Barron who enjoys life in the exclusive Port St Charles area, views the special art glassware in the showroom
The Launch Party! 5
Mr and Mrs Charles Tompkins, good friends and now shareholders in Jenny Blanc
The Launch Party! 6
Sir Cliff Richard lends a supportive arm to Jenny’s new venture. Jenny has been a keen supporter of his Tennis Foundation for years
The Launch Party! 7
Jenny helps John Chandler, owner and creator of Fisherpond House, to find his way through the throng.He has lovingly restored a stunning plantation house which is renowned for its Sunday lunch buffet and lavish private lunches and dinners. It has also been rightly awarded the Michael Winner seal of approval.
The Launch Party! 8
Jenny enjoys a chat with Cilla Black, a long-time visitor to Barbados
The Launch Party! 9
Jenny having a friendly chat with long-established designer Aubrey Carew
The Launch Party! 10
George Hutson, Minister of International Business and MP for St James and Denis Kellman, Minister of Industry and Business Development
The Launch Party! 11
Keith Miller of Miller Publishing welcomes Jenny Blanc to the business community in Barbados. One of the company’s highly acclaimed publications is the yearly published and eagerly awaited Ins & Outs. Sally and Keith Miller have also recently created a strong collaboration with
The Launch Party! 12
Rachel Ramphal and Linda Lewis-Bishton of Living Barbados magazine, one of the premier publications on the island
The Launch Party! 13
Emma Blanc who will be overseeing the Barbados showroom and related services talks business and pleasure with Anthony King, CEO of Shipping and Trading
The Launch Party! 14
Mrs Regine Sixt of international despatch company Sixt talks interiors with Sherry Arivien the showroom assistant
The Launch Party! 15
Linda Williams, a respected mover and shaker at the world-famous Apes Hill Club, in conversation with Denis Kellman, Minister of Industry and Small Business
The Launch Party! 16
Vanessa Gilkes with her husband Mark. Vanessa is niece to Sue Thomas-Richardson and daughter of Steven Thomas of Growing Things, one of the best landscaping companies in Barbados
The Launch Party! 17
Maureen Tew, friend and loyal Teddington customer flew in from London for the occasion.

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