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Perfect Nights Sleep - Elegant Four Poster Bed
Elegant bedroom with four poster mahogany bed with voiles and inset padded headboard, Barbados

Jenny Blanc PictureFor me, a bedroom is one of the most important rooms in a house. It is a space to relax and rest as well as to sleep. And, there is nothing more cheering than the prospect of a cosy and beautifully decorated bed to come home to. From your mattress to the type of bed you like, as well as accessories such as bedside tables and throws, there are just so many different ways of creating a space that really reflects what most appeals to you in terms of comfort, as well as aesthetically. When it comes to pillows the sizes and shapes available are again so varied, but I like two rectangular pillows and a large square pillow to lean on when reading – and always feather. The bedroom we created in Barbados (above) reflects this concept beautifully; the elegant four poster with voiles and an inset padded headboard is the centrepiece of the room. From there stems matching mahogany furniture and accessories in aqua, cream, silver and white.


Whether you prefer your mattress hard or soft, quality is important. As the only carbon neutral bed maker, Hypnos uses the finest natural and sustainable materials. Unlike most mattresses, which are stuffed with synthetic fillings that can make you hot during the night, all of Hypnos’ mattresses are made using generous layers of natural, sustainable and breathable fibres such as wool, cashmere, teased hair, cotton and silk. My go to supplier for Vispring is And So To Bed. These mattresses are also made from natural materials, including wool from the Shetland isles, Bamboo from China which is incredibly soft and wicks away moisture to ensure that you awake feeling fully refreshed, Mohair, Silk, Cashmere, Horsetail, and Cotton. A typical Vispring mattress has four full fleeces within its upholstery. In both cases, this choice in fillings help to promote air flow and reduce moisture to help regulate body temperature, they also repel allergens and enhance the sleeping experience.

On the other hand, there is a huge trend in memory foam mattresses like Tempur, and these are always an option. However, as these mattresses are made from synthetic materials, they are known to raise body heat, so bear in this mind if you like to stay cool when sleeping.

And, of course, bed bases can be a wonderful way of creating storage in smaller spaces; whether you have drawers or the entire mattress is able to lift up and storage is created underneath.


Perfect Nights Sleep - Headboards
Three of the most in-demand headboards all available through Jenny Blanc. Central image is a contemporary London bedroom with high, buttoned headboard by Jenny Blanc

Above are the three styles of headboard, which are most popular at the moment. You can cover these plain headboards in any fabric that you like, as well as varying the types of trim you use and buttoning or stud detail.
Below is a contemporary bedroom we designed using a buttoned headboard in dark, purple velvet. Like the traditional bedroom above, the bed dictates the surrounding colour scheme and accessories; modern statement lamps with contrasting lime lampshades, and cushions in chocolate and a Moroccan style print – which also ties in with the blinds. There is a huge range of bedside cabinets and tables available, and a bench or sofa (as above) situated at the end of the bed is a lovely addition to any bedroom.

Perfect Nights Sleep - Modern Bedroom
Modern bedroom scheme, London by Jenny Blanc


For a more traditional look, a Bateau Lit or a French style bedstead (as below) is just heavenly. The Bateau Lit ties in with the oak beams of this 15th century country house, as well as the bedside cabinets. The look is lifted by the light blue floral patterns of the duvet cover and chair, as well as flashes of dark green.

Perfect Nights Sleep - Bedroom Bateau Lit
Bedroom with Bateau Lit in countryside home by Jenny Blanc


Perfect Nights Sleep - French Styled Bedroom
Bedroom with French style bed by Jenny Blanc. Curtains and bed covered in fabric by Jean Monro

This bedroom (above) is one of my favourites, with the bedstead matching the curtains in fabric by Jean Monro. The flashes of aqua in the fabric are reflected in the traditional bed valence and this, in turn, is echoed in the pale aqua chaise lounge, which is another option if you’re not featuring a stool, bench or sofa.

A trunk at the end of a bed (below) is hugely useful for extra storage. The red chinoiserie fabric of the headboard here is reflected in the fabulous bath that we installed in this bedroom. The red throw ties into the scheme as does the throw in the aqua scheme above.

Perfect Nights Sleep - Red- Cinoserie Bedroom
Red Chinoiserie bedroom in countryside home by Jenny Blanc

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