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Jenny Blanc Blog - Colourful Work in Progress Scheme for Caribbean Entrance
Above: A colourful ‘work in progress’ scheme for a Caribbean entrance way.
Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Blanc End of Summer
Jenny Blanc

Today I am taking you behind the scenes in the design room as we prepare concept boards for a fabulous design project in Barbados! Our clients are a lovely couple looking to create a stylish home from home in the Caribbean. The property is going to be a new build which is fantastic as it gives us the opportunity to work alongside the architect, advising on the best use of the space and other more structural elements.

Jenny blanc Blog - Furniture Layouts and Scheme Boards for Client Meeting
Above: Furniture layouts and scheme boards for an upcoming client meeting.

During our meetings with the clients the most important thing is to hone in on their likes and dislikes as quickly as possible. Sometimes the question ‘what do you like?’ can be overwhelming – if you’re not a designer you might find it hard to put your exact taste into words as most people react to design instinctively, without necessarily having an awareness of the different components that contribute to their preferred style. Ask someone ‘what don’t you like’ however and they’re sure to know straight away! Whether its dark colours, busy patterns, floral motifs or a specific colour, by starting with a client’s dislikes I can quickly work out the things that may appeal to them and begin the process of choosing fabrics and furnishings accordingly!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Elements of Media Room Scheme
Above: Elements of a scheme for a media room featuring black and fuchsia.
Jenny Blanc Blog - Alternative Scheme for Media Room
Above: An alternative scheme for the same room featuring shades of turquoise, blue, green and canary yellow.

At our next meeting we’ll be presenting our clients with different options for each of the rooms in their home – combining two peoples taste can often be tricky so it’s always useful to have additional furniture options and fabric schemes tucked up our sleeve!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Illustrated Drawing of Scale and Placement of Furniture
Above: A drawing illustrates the scale and placement of a suggested item of furniture alongside different options for mirrors.

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse at what goes on in our design room – next week I’ll be taking a closer look at our scheme for a tropical master bedroom!

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