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Jenny Blanc Blog - Beautiful Door Furniture
Above: Jenny at the door of her charming cottage with traditional, wrought iron door furniture.

When it comes to interiors I believe that it’s the little things that help elevate ones home above the every day and into something really special. Choosing the right fittings and knobs for doors is a detail  often overlooked but these finishing touches can turn an existing door or piece of furniture into something wonderful. Here are my thoughts on front door knockers – which say more about the home inside than you might think! I have also included a few of my personal favourites which I hope will inspire.

Consider this: the front door is the first port of call for visitors to your home and it’s style, colour and door fixtures will immediately paint a picture of what’s going on inside. A door knocker creates a wonderful, tactile connection between a visitor and your home and the style of knocker chosen can really set the tone and create the right first impression!

For a rustic front door in a country side setting you can’t go wrong with wrought iron. Animal shaped knockers such as dogs or foxes look very much at home as do beautiful, traditional Suffolk latches. For a smart city abode with a front door in the Georgian style, a lion head door knocker in polished brass is a popular choice and indeed, take a walk around any part of London and you’re sure to see these proud beasts guarding many an entrance! Of course, most styles of knocker are also available in a chrome finish which is perfect for a more contemporary look.

Here are a few of my favourite styles, all cast in solid brass. Brass is a beautiful metal with an inviting glow and a lovely resonance. Cared for properly, a brass door knocker will last well over a century. My tip for taking care of a brass door knocker is to give it a good rub down once a week with salt and lemon juice to keep it looking its best!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Reproduction Door Knockers
Pictured above from left to right: fox head, Georgian lion and Grecian urn reproduction knockers all by by Armac Martin. Roman goddess antique door knocker by Silbury Antiques.
Jenny Blanc Blog - Antique Door Knockers
Pictured above: From left to right: Antique loop, scroll and doctors door knockers are perfect for Victorian properties. All available from In Brass.

Whilst a brass knocker is a very popular choice which suits traditional front doors perfectly it is by no means the only option – I’m looking forward to sharing my thoughts on some more contemporary finishes soon which I hope you will find inspiring!

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