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Jenny Blanc Blog - Polished Hoop Door Knocker
Polished nickel hoop door knocker by Willow and Stone.
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Jenny Blanc

Two weeks ago I shared some thoughts on front door furniture and the difference that choosing the right pieces can make, along with a few of my favourite styles of door knocker in brass. Today I’m aiming to inspire with some more options featuring silver finishes such as white bronze, pewter and polished chrome!

Before we delve into those however, I wanted to show you just how effective it can sometimes be to restore existing door furniture. Perhaps you’ve got so used to your front door knocker that you hardly notice it anymore but if it’s covered in layer upon layer of paint or seems to be tarnished beyond all repair, it could be well worth taking a look at what’s underneath as you may be in for a surprise! In some cases it could even be the house’s original knocker which will not only suit the style of front door perfectly but is an important part of the history of the house and well worth preserving.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Antique Lion Door Knocker Before and After Picture
Above left: Our client’s original iron door knocker covered in black paint on a standard, white front door. Above right: The restored door knocker with a gunmetal grey finish against the new door painted in ‘Bordeaux’ by Zoffany.

The antique lion knocker pictured above is made from solid iron and was refurbished as part of a recent design project. The image on the left shows the knocker in its original state – layers of black gloss paint built up over the years had completely obscured the detail. On the right we have the restored knocker after the paint had been stripped away – revealing intricate detail and superb craftsmanship. We finished the knocker in gunmetal grey which, along with the beautiful deep damson colour of the front door, looked magnificent and brought a twist of the contemporary to the otherwise very traditional entrance to this impressive old house!

For a more contemporary look, door furniture with a silver finish can be very effective. The four knockers pictured below are just the tip of the iceberg but I hope will give you some idea of the variety of effects that can be achieved. Whether it’s the flawless finish of polished chrome or the beautiful patina of white bronze, there really is something for everyone.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Selection of Door Knockers
Above from left to right: Square knocker in white bronze, light patina by Rocky Mountain Hardware. Pear shaped knocker with twist in pewter. Hoop knocker in white bronze, medium patina by Rocky Mountain Hardware. Scroll knocker in polished chrome by Beardmore.

When it comes to front doors there is so much to consider – especially when you throw colour into the mix! The colour of a front door can completely change the look and feel of the hardware –  I’m looking forward to sharing some of my favourite paint colours soon which I hope will provide food for thought!

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