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Jenny Blanc Blog - View From Balcony of Recent Project in Barbados
Above: A stunning view from the balcony of one of our fabulous design projects in Barbados.
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Jenny Blanc

Last week we went behind the scenes in the design room as we prepared different options for the main rooms in a current Barbados design project. This week let’s take a closer look at the scheme I am creating for the master bedroom. It’s still a work in progress but I am very excited by the beautiful fabrics we are using with such bold patterns and colours.



Jenny Blanc Blog - Tropical Leaf Print Fabric of Caribbean Master Bedroom
Above: An eye catching tropical leaf print fabric provides inspiration for the colour scheme of this Caribbean master bedroom.

The fabric pictured above is a striking tropical leaf print which features foliage in a vibrant shade of teal green. It was this fabulous shade of teal which first caught my eye – I love the contrast between the teal and the coral and have carried this through to the other textiles in the room. This bold print will make a wonderful statement on large bed cushions and sets the tone nicely for tropical drama in the bedroom! I am introducing some neutral tones to keep things cool but maintaining the dominant colours on soft furnishings and upholstery.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Tropical Scheme Layout
Above: Samples of some of the different textiles, accessories and surfaces that will be used in the creation of this master bedroom.

The scheme above should help set your imagination into motion as to how a tropical print fabric can harmonise with strong stripes, solids and other subtly textured fabrics and surfaces to unite an exciting colour palette.

I thought it might be fun for me to take you along for the ride as we work towards creating the finished bedroom as part of this design project – I’ll pop back soon to share the final scheme and perhaps one or two more ‘behind the scenes’ photographs as we work towards the installation. I’m looking forward to revealing the finished room in all its glory – in the meantime don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for a daily dose of interiors inspiration!

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