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Jenny Blanc pictureMirrors!
I could talk about mirrors endlessly. In fact they are probably my favourite decorative item because they are so versatile. I can’t help myself, I just adore them. There are so many in my house I have now run out of space to hang them!

Although every detail of designing is important, mirrors and lighting are two of the most crucial elements. If the balance of lighting, reflection and the positioning of mirrors is not right, the rest of what you have achieved will not look its best. Moreover mirrors are not just beautiful objets for decoration. Properly placed they can significantly alter the feeling and proportions of a room, add light or create a focal point. There is no room in a house which cannot be improved with the addition of a mirror.

Given the opportunity, my preference is for antique mirrors. However there are many wonderful unique mirrors in our Jenny Blanc Collection designed by my Design Director, Sue Thomas-Richardson, which use shells, white coral and quartz as well as mother of pearl, bamboo, and mahogany. Our Caribbean clientele particularly love these and they look wonderful in houses in hot climates.

I plan to talk about the importance of lighting in a couple of weeks’ time, so watch this space! In fact, following this blog I will be regularly tweeting design ideas including the amazing ways in which mirrors can be used. So, please follow me on twitter and add me on Facebook – I simply can’t cover it all in one blog!

Contemporary Mirrors

Magic of Mirrors Parallel Mirror

This stylish mirror made of black and mother of pearl shells is entirely contemporary in  style. Getting the right height parallel to the console below is absolutely crucial.  The antiqued, mirrored surface and base of the console compliment the mirror above and tie in with the black and silver scheme. This mirror could also be hung portrait to accommodate a high ceiling, or as a lean-to floor mirror.

Magic of Mirrors Contemporary Distressed

This mirror with its contemporary ‘mondrianesque’ construction has antiqued silvering.  With the shattered reflections it works brilliantly as a wall panel or as a piece of art in itself. I would place it either side of a bed to create a dramatic effect in a bedroom.

Magic of Mirrors  Drinks Cabinet

Mirrored furniture such as this drinks cabinet and side table are wonderful ways of creating light and reflecting the space in the living room of this London townhouse. The colour scheme in tones of grey is complimented by the sparkle of the mirrors.

Magic of Mirrors Dinning Room Wall

We mirrored a whole wall in this wonderful dining room using tinted glass and studs.  It creates the illusion of a far bigger room and adds interest with reflections of the candlelight, table settings, lighting and flowers. The finished effect is sumptuous and gorgeous, pure theatre!  When you install a mirrored wall it does not preclude you from installing another individual mirror as a statement piece.   We did in this dining room to maximum effect and the light reflecting back and forth between to two mirrors is electric.

Magic of mirrors fabric by Thibaut
Fabric by Thibaut

Mirrors also need to be functional and will work in any environment. The variety of colours, materials and sizes is endless and is only limited by one’s imagination. Any wood can be used.  Here, it is washed, pickled pine. Simple, pencil-thin, double wooden frames painted and inset with printed linen borders or weaves are great for cloakrooms and bedrooms. In a modern bedroom in Barbados I used a very large mirror. The effect was practical, but it was also stunning!

Antique Mirrors – my favourite!

Magic of Mirrors Antique Mirror

Antique mirrors create instant style and sophistication. In a dining room setting I fitted a pair of stunning antique candle wall sconces onto distressed mirrored panels. I have to tell you everyone’s nerves were on edge as our brilliant fitter drilled into the mirrored panels to fit them. Unbelievably, nothing cracked! Reflected in the mirror, when lit, these sconces look like chandeliers and create a flickering glow that throws light around the room – just an amazing effect.

Magic of Mirrors Antique Distressed

This elegant triptych mirror painted to compliment the cream and aqua scheme creates a lovely centrepiece and adds to the femininity of this delightful antique painted dressing table.

Magic of Mirrors Antique Mirror BathroomMagic of Mirrors Antique Mirror Bathroom2

Good design involves thinking outside the box. When you have a fabulous bathroom, contemporary or traditional, why not install a stunning, oversized antique mirror?  It serves both a practical purpose and can be a fabulous statement piece.

Shell Mirrors

Magic of Mirrors Shell Mirror

Shells are a naturally exuberant source of decoration. This ornate piece with white coral, pearlised shells and quartz is a Jenny Blanc exclusive design. Here is has been used as a focal feature in a small powder room, but it would look stunning anywhere in your home. Shell mirrors look fabulous wherever you are in the world, in whatever setting, but are particularly effective in bathrooms and cloakrooms.

Magic of Mirrors Collection of Shell Mirrors


I love to use of shells frames on mirrors and we recently received these new shell mirrors, hand made by a French artisan. The mussel mirror on the far right of the above image is available from the UK showroom, the rest are in Barbados!

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