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Ins and Outs 2015 has arrived. Jenny Blanc has enjoyed a wonderful relationship with the magazine, and indeed were the first company to sign up for their Interior Design section many years ago. Ins and Outs are also a franchisor for the popular travel web site “My” which is a wonderful source of online information for the traveller.

Ins & Outs CoverThe theme for this year’s issue is the great influence the sea plays in everyday life in Barbados. Jenny Blanc’s piece this year is all about how our interiors reflect the maritime climate of the island, and how the marine life itself inspires our work…

You are never more than 12 miles away from the sea in Barbados. It influences the climate, the way of life and leisure while attracting the many visitors which make it one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean. For the Jenny Blanc team, the sea is an endless source of inspiration and design intelligence when creating homes for clients in Barbados and the rest of the Caribbean.

Barbados is surrounded by coral reefs and the island itself is composed of fossilized coral limestone. An important indigenous resource, the stone is white, light and porous, slow to heat and quick to cool making it a natural insulator against tropical weather. Many of the oldest houses in Barbados are built of coralstone and newly built homes use coralstone dust and white cement render on the interior and exterior faces of walls. It can also be carved and Jenny Blanc has designed beautiful architectural features, sconces, consoles and fabulous bases for coffee and dining tables in this versatile material.

Ins & Outs Editorial

Jenny Blanc has been designing interiors in Barbados for over 12 years and has acquired hands-on, practical knowledge of the best, most stylish furnishings for homes by the sea. The moisture, salt, heat, wet bathing suits and suntan oil are all tough on furniture and fittings and the designers will only specify those items they know will withstand these rigours and retain their quality. Fabrics and soft furnishings chosen are practical and washable without compromising the look. The company offers a wide range of outdoor furniture suitable for a tropical maritime climate many examples of which can be viewed in their Barbados showroom.

Jenny Blanc has selected an outstanding product range which is available from both the Barbados and London showrooms. Both practical and beautiful, these extend from matchless fabrics and furniture, marine-grade stainless steel storm lanterns, exquisite marine-inspired art and accessories adding those finishing touches, to soft, luxurious beach towels in tropical colours and stylish tableware for outdoor dining.

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