Of Dreamy Coronets and Four-Posters

With winter just around the corner, its time to cosy up in bed with a good book in a wonderfully cocooning sanctuary. Bed design is taking its lead from the days of Elizabeth I when four-poster beds were designed with thick curtains which could be drawn to keep out the chilly winds which swept through large baronial residences and palaces. Luckily, central heating sorted out the problem, but clients still love this decadent, imposing style for bedrooms.

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Today’s designs are wonderfully elegant like this stunning version installed recently in a client’s home. It’s the perfect foil for the heat of the Caribbean, although this Jenny Blanc design would fit seamlessly into any hemisphere. And with history repeating itself ( the British took out their very English cabinetwork to Barbados centuries ago), Jenny Blanc is now shipping this four-poster design back to England for clients.


With an altogether different look this four-poster creates a dreamy retreat from the heat of the day. The sheers fall softly to the floor letting the cool breezes filter through the cotton voile.It’s everybody’s idea of a dream bedroom. Striking colours punctuate the cool white scheme.

coronets-fourposters_Image-3Contemporary looks are just as achievable with this wrought iron bed which acts as a sleek framework for billowy sheers.

coronets-fourposters_Image-4 coronets-fourposters_Image-5

Jenny has always loved coronets and her own guest bedroom is home to an imposing antique French design. She’s chosen a hand blocked linen chintz Donovan’s Chinese Lady from Jean Monro for the coronet drapes, setting off the gilded coronet beautifully. It’s not a surprise to see Jenny’s trademark cushions and fur throws completing the look.
coronets-fourposters_Image-6 coronets-fourposters_Image-7And talking of fur throws, the new collection of fur for Christmas has just arrived in the London showroom. Come and cuddle up on a sofa or two!


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