Designs on Coral Stone

Jenny Blanc has developed a unique relationship with artisans in Barbados marrying their artistry with the stunning design effects which can be produced using coral stone. The island is geologically formed largely of coral stone. It is a limestone with an almost pure white appearance and has been used as a building material for over a 100 years although today there is just one inland quarry remaining. It’s surface texture and composition make it an ideal material for sculpture and it is also used as an exterior and interior screed for buildings.Take a trip around the island and it is the coral stone along with the lush, colourful vegetation which creates a very unique look for Barbados. And, it’s a striking look discerning clients want to replicate in both classic and contemporary island homes.

The process of creating a coral stone design starts as a series of drawings from the design department in London. Next the artisans find the appropriate piece of quarried coral stone. It varies in texture and density, so each piece is checked with the design department before the artisans even pick up a chisel. As each layer of the design is completed, images are sent back to the design department to make sure the design fits the brief.

Pic-1-seahorse-tableThis sea horse inspired table is one of the latest Jenny Blanc designs.The coral stone base was completed first and is finished with a pickled ash tabletop. This is a temporary measure as a very unique piece of marble, some three metres long and one and a half metres wide is being flown in ready for Christmas entertaining.

Pic-2-mirror-with-plinthThis elegant plinth in coral stone becomes as one with the ornate gold mirror placed above it and was designed to give a hallway of a home in Polo Ridge a more imposing feel.

Pineapple TableTaking inspiration from the fruits on the island, this pineapple inspired console table intricately worked in coral stone was created off site and then installed with a very professional hand to suggest it is at one with the property.

Terra Nova

A stunning approach to designing in coral stone from the Jenny Blanc Design team. The Barbadian monkey has been intricately crafted into this large expanse of coral stone for a dramatic approach to hallway decoration. Set off with concealed lighting, this inspired design is totally unique.

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