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The September issue of The English Home magazine, featuring Jenny’s ‘Little Black Book’ column.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Blanc Picture

Jenny Blanc

Those already familiar with The English Home magazine may have spotted Jenny Blanc in the June, September and October issues recently! The English Home is a monthly publication which delivers just the right blend of inspiration, practical advice and escapism for those seeking that quintessential English look. In the September issue I have shared some of my insights into interior design and the secrets of a luxurious lifestyle in the regular ‘Little Black Book’ feature! Settle down with a cup of tea and find out what’s on my radar for the coming season including my favourite locations for happy antiques hunting in London, where I go to feel inspired when I’m in Paris and the part of my home that I’m getting ready to re-design!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Little Black Book

Above: Jenny’s ‘Little Black Book’ column for The English Home magazine.

Period furniture design
I love Georgian furniture and my home is full of antiques. Part of the pleasure of antiques comes from searching out just the right piece. Happy hunting grounds are Kempton Park Antiques Market and Guinevere on the Kings Road.

Sources of inspiration
I love Paris and especially the basilica of Sacre Coeur. Its exotic architecture and pristine white stone dominate the skyline of Montmartre and you get a spectacular panoramic view of the city of Paris from the top of the dome.

Jenny Blanc Blog - The Basilica of Sacre Coeur

The basilica of Sacre Coeur – climb to the top of the tower for the best views of Paris!

Beautiful things are to be used
I have a set of beautiful and delicate etched champagne coupes; antique pieces from the 1920’s. I use them every time I open a bottle of champagne. My philosophy is that if you have beautiful things, you should use them and not put them away in a cupboard.

Refreshing my own home
I am currently re-designing my study in the annex in the garden. I use it as a quiet place for writing and to catch up with friends with my gorgeous golden retriever, Mr Darcy, sitting at my feet. My office needs to be ergonomically functional with everything I need close to hand, peaceful and beautifully designed so that it is relaxing to work there. Colour and elegant furniture play a great part in achieving these requirements.

Jenny Blanc Blog - October Advertisment

Above: Jenny Blanc in the October issue of The English Home magazine.

The October issue of The English Home magazine (pictured above) features the master bedroom from one of my very favourite projects in Barbados. The soothing duck egg blue tones used throughout this room help create a really calming environment. The love seat at the end of the grand, four poster bed is the perfect spot for breakfast while the sumptuous rug underfoot gives the whole room a feeling of luxury! A dash of colour in the form of local art brings the scheme to life.

Jenny Blanc Blog - June Advertisment

Above: Jenny Blanc in the June issue of The English Home magazine.

The June issue of The English Home magazine (pictured above) features a wonderful reading nook I designed for a traditional English guest bedroom. I just love the sumptuous toile de jouy curtains and red striped armchair together – two contrasting prints that harmonise perfectly because of their uniform colour palette. Details like the antique red and white china bowl planted with fresh spring flowers add character and charm to the overall scheme.

The Barbados showroom summer sale continues throughout September!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Barbados Showroom September

Our beautiful St. James showroom – open Monday to Friday throughout September.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Blanc Picture

Jenny Blanc

The response to our Barbados showroom summer sale has been so overwhelming that this year we have decided to remain open Monday to Friday throughout September. This will give more holidaymakers and residents the chance to shop our fantastic range of gifts, furniture and home accessories!

Many items have been reduced further including these fantastic melamine serving platters and plates (pictured below).  Melamine is a tough and durable material, making this tableware the perfect choice for beach or poolside dining. The striking coral design mimics the look of real china so there’s no need to compromise on style! The entire range is now 50% off with prices starting as low as $27.50, making this a great opportunity to stock up on essentials ready for the coming season. My favourite piece is the large red platter (pictured below left) – it makes a striking centrepiece and is perfect for serving freshly grilled seafood or a display of fresh fruit. Now reduced from $225 to $112.50.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Melamine Tableware

Our fabulous melamine tableware – now at 50% off!

Our summer sale is the perfect time to give your home a makeover with stunning pieces of furniture reduced further including complete sets of matching bedroom furniture!

Our gorgeous French oak and slate dining table will now include free local delivery – at 50% off its wonderful value and perfect for those with homes on the island who love to entertain in style.

Jenny Blanc Blog - French Oak and Slate Dining Table

Dining table in French oak and slate – now at 50% off with free local delivery!

As well as some really stunning pieces of furniture we have also reduced some of our luxurious home accessories further including the gorgeous placemats pictured below. These placemats are available in gold, green and paprika and are perfect for adding some sophisticated colour to your table setting for dinner parties. I love to layer up the look with plates and glassware featuring harmonising shades – green and gold or paprika and silver are particular favourites of mine. The placemats are sold separately so you can mix and match the colours to suit your style. The seafood pics pictured below are now reduced from $175 to $115 and make the perfect accent to your table setting!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Ellipse Shaped Table Mats

Ellipse shaped table mats, reduced from $195 to $125 – available in gold, green & paprika.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Round Place Mats and Seafood Picks

Round place mats – reduced from $175 to $95 in gold, green & paprika. Seafood picks – reduced from $175 to $115.

If you have any questions about the products featured here or need advice about which items would suit your home and lifestyle best do pop in and visit us in store where our friendly and knowledgeable showroom team look forward to welcoming you. Our showroom will be open from 9.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Friday throughout September. You can also get in contact by calling +1 (246) 432 0989 or emailing



Jenny Blanc writes… My top tips for a creative workspace

Jenny Blanc Blog - Flowers in Coloured Glass Tumbler

A beautiful, natural floral arrangement displayed in one of our fabulous coloured glass tumblers. Available in our London showroom and online from our Trouva boutique.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Blanc Picture

Jenny Blanc

Since founding my interior design practice 20 years ago with Showroom Director Chrissie Marshall, my team has gradually grown from four to twenty and our office space has grown along with us. Our London premises is now nearly double the size and comprises our design studio, art desk, extensive sample libraries, showroom, PR and online media office along with the various other workspaces that are essential for running a business – and that’s before we even get to Barbados! Nurturing creativity alongside the daily tasks integral to a successful workplace is a tough balancing act but it’s safe to say that over the last 20 years I have learnt a thing or two about what works, and what doesn’t. Today I would like to share some of my tips for getting the most out of your working environment which you can apply whether your workspace is at home on the dining room table or in an office managing a team of people! I hope you find them useful and of course if you have any tricks of your own do let me know in the comments.

Fresh flowers in any work space instantly give me a lift. A few sweet peas, a hydrangea head or other perfumed flower will give off an incredible fragrance whilst looking fresh and natural – far nicer than the typical ‘corporate’ flower arrangement. At home I pick fresh flowers from my garden throughout the week to display on my desk in a beautiful glass tumbler – like the one pictured above. If I’m really in the mood I buy a little bouquet for everyone in the office to put on their desks. Trimming the stems means the water has less distance to travel helping the blooms last longer and the short, bottom heavy glass reduces the chances of it getting knocked over! If you work in an office with the traditional potted palm and peace lily, look after them! Water them regularly and wipe their leaves with a damp cloth to prevent them from gathering dust (which can affect the plant’s ability to photosynthesize and lead to a rather sad looking plant).

Jenny Blanc Blog - Flowers with Paper and Pen

Letting the ideas flow with a big sheet of paper and beautiful pen.

To-do lists that inspire are easy to achieve with the right pen. Choose a pen that flows freely (I won’t even mention the B word!) and is a pleasure to use. Then, put that A4 ruled note pad to one side and grab a big sheet of paper! Breaking out of the tyranny of lists will help your ideas flow and you may find the tasks seem much easier to handle. After all creative work isn’t a linear process so why should your lists be?

Jenny Blanc Blog - Junior Designers Noticeboard Sample of Swatches

One of our junior designer’s notice board is a colourful array of samples and swatches that appeal to her.

Dress your environment with things that help personalise the space and encourage employees to do the same. When people feel relaxed in their work environment it gives them confidence and this helps you get the most out of them creatively. A framed photograph and a pin board where you can collect images that inspire you (even if they’re not directly related to the task at hand) all help to create a positive environment. Walking through the design room in our London office I love seeing which samples and swatches have caught the team’s eye that particular week and it will often spark off a conversation or idea.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Fragrance 4711 Cologne

4711 cologne – a classic fragrance which promotes feelings of calm and wellbeing.

My secret weapon is 4711 perfumed tissues! This cologne is an absolute classic and is really uplifting and refreshing. These handy tissues are perfect for dabbing across your forehead and pulse points during an afternoon slump (and are much better for you than a cup of coffee!). I always keep a few sachets in my handbag as they’re much lighter to carry than a bottle of perfume, making them perfect for freshening up on the go. I’m always thankful for them at trade shows and other busy events! For particularly fraught days try Neom’s ‘Essential De-stress Kit’ (pictured below) which is available from our London showroom. The kit contains mini bottles of Neom’s De-stress Home Mist to spritz behind your head, Intensive Stress Relief Treatment to roll onto the pulse points and finally, De-stress On-The-Go mist to spritz over the face leaving you feeling restored and relaxed in just five minutes flat! Also available are Neom’s Essential Sleep Kit, Essential Energy Boosting Kit and Essential Mood Lifting Kit, all priced £20.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Essential De-stress Kit by Neom Organics

The Essential De-stress kit by Neom Organics, available in our London showroom at £20.

Stay hydrated by keeping a jug or decanter of lemon, orange, mint and cucumber water on your desk and treat yourself to a beautiful glass to drink from. That way when inspiration strikes and you wouldn’t dream of breaking your concentration for a trip to the watercooler, you’ll have refreshment close at hand. Modern office environments with their air conditioning can be incredibly dehydrating but drinking plenty of water will help you feel more alert whilst the fragrance of lemon is thought to improve concentration. To prepare, simply squeeze the juice of the citrus fruits into the water then finish with a few sprigs of mint, cucumber and thinly sliced lemon.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Colefax and Fowler Box File with Smythson Notebook

Jenny’s Colefax and Fowler box file and Smythson notebook.

Beautiful stationary like my box file (pictured above) will give you a lift every time you use it! This particular file is covered in gorgeous paper by Colefax and Fowler and holds all the paperwork for my ongoing tasks. I really believe that the things you use every day should enhance your experience – whether that means jotting down notes in a colourful notebook or treating yourself to a special fountain pen that will last a life time. Don’t save the good stuff for special occasions, life is just too short! I have been using Smythson diaries for years and wouldn’t even consider buying anything else. The ‘Fashion Diary’ (pictured below) fits perfectly in my handbag but is still large enough to write down all my appointments, has a pocket at the back for any loose bits of paper such as tickets and has just the right amount of space for notes. I like to use the ‘page per week’ version so I can see at a glance what each week holds in store. I’ve really enjoyed using my ‘poinsettia red’ one this year and have already ordered a plum one for next year!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Smythson Diaries

I really believe that everything around you should be beautiful including your work environment. I wouldn’t dream of having a cardboard box of tissues on my desk – instead I use the tissue box cover and butler tray pictured below which also holds my water glass. This set is an exclusive Jenny Blanc design featuring a gorgeous coral print. The glass is another of my exclusive designs which is handmade by a French artisan and is available in a range of colours from our London showroom.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Handmade Glass with Tissue Box and Butler Tray

A handmade glass with tissue box holder and butler tray – all Jenny Blanc exclusive designs available in our London and Barbados showrooms.

A light grey background on your work computer will help rest your eyes in between tasks and stop any loud colours or patterns impacting your eye while you work. This is really important for computer aided design when you need to be able to judge colours on screen effectively.

Express yourself in whichever way suits you and make sure your team are able to do the same. Some of us do our problem solving aloud (otherwise known as talking to yourself!) and some in our heads. Some people prefer to discuss ideas or have things explained whilst others need to get up and sketch things out physically. If you’ve ever heard someone say ‘I see what you mean now’ – you can bet that they’re a visual person and the best way to communicate with them is to show them your ideas, not just tell them. Make sure that you and your team are free to work things out in the way that suits you – there’s no point in striving for a ‘paperless office’ if your team member prefers to write their thoughts down! By playing to everyone’s strengths you’ll be able to build a better creative working environment for all.

Jenny Blanc writes… Local materials and exceptional design fit together perfectly in my Island made furniture collection.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Barbados Stunning Island

Barbados: One of the most stunning Islands in the Caribbean with an architectural style all of its own.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Bblanc at Barbados

Jenny Blanc

I first became acquainted with Barbados whilst designing the holiday home of one of my London clients some 13 years ago and was immediately struck by the Islands unique architecture. The combination of Jacobean, Georgian and Victorian influences brought over with the Islands first Western settlers back in the 1600’s, combined with the vernacular architecture of the Island, creates a style that is truly unique to Barbados. The Barbadian climate with its scorching sun, wind and salty air presents challenging conditions in which to live and build homes that last. The key, for me, was to look to the islands local heritage and utilise the materials and skills close to hand which have been passed down from generation to generation. As my client base on the island grew, it felt natural to develop my own range of Barbados made furniture using coralstone, wrought iron and wood such as pickled pine. Working with skilled local artisans enabled me to produce those bespoke items required by my design clients. Today, the benchmark pieces from my range are all available to order in our St James showroom. For those who are in the process of selecting furniture for holiday homes in the Caribbean I would like to make the process that little bit easier this week by looking at the benefits of some of these indigenous materials.


Jenny Blanc Blog - Coralstone Pineapple Console Table

Coralstone pineapple console table – a Jenny Blanc exclusive design.

The bedrock of the Island itself is composed of limestone formed from coral – known as coralstone. The oldest and grandest plantation houses are made of coralstone bricks which were quarried by hand until the middle of the 1950’s and are strong yet soft enough to be manipulated easily and help keep the property cool and ventilated due to its porosity. More contemporary properties are now built from brick which is then plastered with coral stone in order to benefit from this wonderful natural resource.

Over the years I, along with Barbadian born Design Director Sue Thomas-Richardson, have developed longstanding relationships with local artisans who are experts in working with this fascinating material. This enables us to offer our clients exquisite designs that are exclusive to Jenny Blanc – fusing high end, bespoke design with traditional materials to create a look that is uniquely Barbadian!

This coralstone console table (pictured above) is a Jenny Blanc exclusive design featuring a pineapple. This shows off the beauty of this natural material and the skills of the local craftsman to great effect – the perfect fusion of great design, quality materials and skilled craftsmanship.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Coralstone Hand Carved Dining Table

This beautiful dining table, featuring a pickled pine top and a carved coralstone base, was a special commission by a client who wanted the design to feature seahorses.

This coralstone dining table with seahorse carvings (pictured above) is another bespoke design and demonstrates how coralstone can be used as part of a more contemporary scheme – bringing together two important elements of Barbadian culture in an eye catching design! The process for creating a piece like this begins in our London design room where Sue and I sketch out our ideas and work out the dimensions. The design plans are then sent to one of our artisans in Barbados before we select the materials and the process of bringing the initial concept to life can begin. We will visit at various times throughout the process of construction to ensure the proportions are correct, check the design and the finish, making any necessary adjustments required for a flawless finish. Meanwhile the design for the overall room scheme will continue as we look forward to that moment when everything comes together!

Wrought Iron

Jenny Blanc Blog - Wrought Iron Console Table

Our wrought iron console table featuring a sunburst design with a marble top is the perfect choice for an outdoor area such as a veranda.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Wrought Iron Window Grille

Our wrought iron window grille (pictured above) in a beautiful leaf motif is a bespoke design which provides security whilst allowing the light to flow from one area to another.

Wrought ironwork is another strong tradition on the Island and one which lends itself to outdoor living perfectly. This marble topped console table (pictured above) with a sunburst motif is perfect for use out in the open on a veranda while this window grille with a leaf motif (also pictured above) demonstrates how iron can be used to create a more delicate effect. The Caribbean way of life is all about a seamless transition from the outside in so it’s wonderful to be able to leave windows open like this to allow the air to flow freely and keep the space feeling light and open. A window grille like this provides security as well as being an attractive focal point. Both the console table and lattice designs are exclusive to Jenny Blanc and available to order through our London and Barbados showrooms. In addition to ornamented window grilles and console tables, our current range includes dining tables with wrought iron detailing (often supporting marble, stone or glass tops in a traditional or contemporary style), coffee tables and staircase bannisters which often feature a repeat pattern which is echoed throughout the rest of the furnishings.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Marble Topped Dining Table with Wrought Iron Legs

Our beautiful Jenny Blanc marble topped dining table featuring wrought iron legs with a wooden base (pictured above) is perfect for a covered dining area such as a veranda.

Pickled Pine

Jenny Blanc Blog - Picked Pine Carved Headboard

Our exclusive Jenny Blanc pickled pine and cane headboard with hand carved shell embellishment, finished with an aged white wash.

‘Pickled’ pine was developed in the 1970’s for use in ceilings and architectural woodwork and was designed to make new wood appear old. Since then it has become a key part of Barbadian vernacular design sought after for that quintessential Barbadian look. Although many stains are sold today under the name ‘pickling stain’, technically pickling is a method not a finish. The effect is similar to sun bleached wood found on the beach and gives just a hint of the seaside whilst harmonising with other natural materials such as cane, bamboo and copper. Our current range includes four poster beds which can be draped with a selection of muslins or voiles, carved headboards in a variety of designs – often featuring shell motifs (like the one pictured above which was a bespoke creation for one of our design clients) and cane detailing.

The sofa pictured below is a Jenny Blanc exclusive design on display in our Barbados showroom and features an intricately carved pickled pine frame with double cane panels for a traditional Barbadian feel. Coupled with cushion pads upholstered in cream and coral pink scatter cushions, this piece is perfect for the more traditional Island home.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Pickled Pine Carved Sofa

Sofa made from carved pickled pine and cane, on display in our St James showroom.

If you would like any information regarding our interior design service or bespoke furniture range please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Design Director Sue Thomas-Richardson in our London design office who will be happy to advise on all the items in the Jenny Blanc range..

Jenny Blanc writes… The Jenny Blanc experience, delivered to your door with Trouva

Jenny Blanc Blog - Gift Wrapped Christmas Gifts

Special delivery! Jenny Blanc’s luxurious gift wrapping is guaranteed to make anyone’s day.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Blanc Picture

Jenny Blanc

At the Jenny Blanc Showroom in London we are used to welcoming customers who have travelled from far and wide to take advantage of our interior design expertise and shop for those finishing touches which make a home complete. Of course, it’s not always practical or possible for everyone to come and visit us in person which is why I’m so pleased to announce that Jenny Blanc is one of a select group of Boutiques to feature on Trouva – a new luxury shopping website which connects customers to fantastic independent brands across London and Brighton.

‘Trouva’ comes from the word ‘Trouvaille’ meaning ‘A lucky find’ and on the newly launched site you can expect to find wonderful and unique items from homeware to fashion, all in one place. I have really enjoyed the process of selecting items from the Jenny Blanc showrooms in both London and Barbados for our online shop – from popular bestsellers like our Swarovski Clutches to more unusual pieces like this fabulous Lobster Salt and Pepper Cruet (pictured below) there really is something for everyone – including the person who has it all!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Selection of Christmas Gifts at Trouva

Our lobster cruet sits front and centre on a table full of ideas and inspiration for unique Christmas gifts at the Trouva press launch.

The Trouva website is incredibly simple to use – local customers can take advantage of a 1 hour express delivery or free click and collect service, whilst delivery for those further afield starts at just £3.95 and is free for orders over £50. Jenny Blanc customers can enjoy our free gift-wrapping service making our Trouva site the perfect one-stop-shop for truly wonderful and unique gifts.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Limited Edition Cheese Board

Our fantastic limited edition cat and mouse cheese board – the perfect centrepiece for a decadent dinner party. Available from Trouva with free shipping.

Last week, our London Showroom Director Chrissie Cocks and I spent a wonderful afternoon at The Old Truman Brewery in Shoreditch at the Trouva press launch, and enjoyed meeting some of the other boutiques who are also featured on the site. From decadent handmade chocolates by Paxton Chocolate to Mrs. White’s wonderful, natural cleaning products available at Roullier White, it was clear that every boutique featured on the site shares the same values of quality, rarity and unsurpassed customer service.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Showwroom Director Chrissie Cocks Meets-team Member From Roullier White

Showroom Director Chrissie Cocks meets a member of the team behind Dulwich based concept store Roullier White.

Our Trouva site contains everything from gifts for the lady or gentleman in your life, beautiful items for the home to exquisite one off treasures that last a lifetime. We will be adding new items to our Trouva page frequently – especially as we move towards the autumn/winter season and Christmas so to make sure you don’t miss out. Add it to your bookmarks and be sure to drop by often.

For those in need of a little inspiration, here are some of my ideas for wonderful gifts to suit any occasion…

For her…

Jenny Blanc Blog - Lovers Ring Catch and La Dame Aux Camelias Parfume

Lovers ring catch (left) £69.95 and La Dame aux Camelias parfume (right) £95. Both available online at Trouva and in our London Showroom.

This ‘lovers’ ring catch (pictured above, left) is very popular in the London showroom. Picking up on the trend for mixed metals, this 24k gold plate and stainless steel ring catch looks beautiful even when empty. Displayed on a vanity unit or bedside table it’s the perfect place to keep rings and other trinkets safe at the end of the day. What could be more romantic than perfume spritzed from a traditional atomiser? Named after the novel by Alexandre Dumas, La Dame aux Camelias (pictured above, right) with its floral notes is a wonderfully fresh, feminine fragrance that suits everybody.

For him…

Jenny Blanc Blog - Pewter Crocodile Stapler with Silver Double Photo Frame

Pewter crocodile stapler (above left) £95, Silver double photo frame (above right) £65. Both available online at Trouva and in our West London Showroom.

This Pewter Crocodile Stapler (pictured above left) is the perfect accent for a masculine desk and adds just the right amount of whimsy. Our silver double photo frame (pictured above right) is the perfect gift for a special celebration such as an Anniversary or Birthday – personalised with your own photos it makes a unique gift that he’ll treasure for a lifetime.

For the home…

Jenny Blanc Blog - Natural Marble Coasters and Monkey Design Tray

Set of four natural marble coasters (above left) £49.95. Lacquered tray featuring monkey design (above right) was £95 now £75.

I simply love these natural marble coasters (pictured above left) which have a wonderful weight to them and are really unusual. This set is perfect for the wine lovers amongst us! Our lacquered monkey tray (pictured above right) is an elegant design featuring wood and gilt – perfect for serving a decadent breakfast in bed or displayed on a sideboard as a decorative objet. One of my favourite touches is to fill it with beautiful and unusual bottles of liqueurs, gorgeous antique glassware and of course a silver cocktail shaker for the perfect home bar! It’s just the thing for adding a touch of the tropics to your home and best of all, it is currently on sale!

One of the wonderful features of Trouva is that you can add items to your ‘wishlist’ – either as a reminder to yourself or as a not-so-subtle hint to the potential present buyer in your life! What will you add to your wishlist? Do let me know in the comments and of course, happy shopping!

West London Showroom Summer Sale: Cutting edge fabric, designer stationary, unique furniture and beautiful gifts to discover in store…

Jenny Blanc Blog - Pierre Frey Kagura Tutti Frutti Fabric

Pierre Frey’s ‘Kagura’ print fabric on sale in our Teddington showroom (100% linen, washable at 40c).

Jenny Blanc Blog - Jenny Blanc End of Summer

Jenny Blanc

The end of summer is always an exciting time at our Teddington showroom as thoughts turn towards the autumn collections and the new fabrics, wallpaper and furniture they will bring. In order to make space for these highly anticipated arrivals we hold a wonderful sale which is the perfect time for customers to take advantage of fantastic reductions across our complete range of items including small gifts, beautiful objet for the home, furniture, art and mirrors.

This week Teddington Showroom Director Chrissie Cocks gives us a taste of what to expect from the summer sale and picks out a few of her favourites from our enormous range of furnishings, fabric and accessories for the home. – Jenny

Fantastic Fabrics

Jenny Blanc Blog - Chrissie Cocks

Chrissie Cocks

Regular visitors to our Teddington showroom will already be familiar with the wonderful fabric pictured above which featured in our window display this summer. Designed by luxury French fabric house Pierre Frey this print is called ‘Kagura’ and features an abstract take on traditional Japanese Noh theatre masks in a bold, fresh colourway. This print is part of Pierre Frey’s new collection named ‘Origines’ which is inspired by the art of the people indigenous to the antipodes of Europe. Comprising embroideries, prints and jacquards in earthy shades of ochre, red, brown and beige with accents of coral and blue. This particular print is definitely one to watch for the coming season and will be featured at luxury design exhibition Decorex in September 2015. The piece of fabric currently on display measures 135cm by 275cm and is now reduced from £570 to £350 making it a fantastic, one off opportunity to pick up this particular print!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Pierre Frey Cushion and Liesegang Rings

Left: Pierre Frey cushion in ‘Oceanie’. Right: Liesegang Rings in Bouddi National Park, Australia.

The fabrics in Pierre Frey’s Origines collection all work wonderfully well together because of the harmonious colour palette that runs through the entire range. The cushion pictured above has been popular with Showroom customers throughout the summer who have also been snapping up the matching pouffs! The print featured above is called Oceanie and depicts concentric circles embroidered onto cotton satin in shades of ochre, yellow and white. This design is inspired by the stunning rock formations called Liesegang Rings in Australia’s Bouddi National Park, where over time the landscape has been worn away by the elements to reveal rings of colour created by layers of rock and oar. This stunning natural phenomenon has been captured perfectly in this beautiful design. These cushions are the perfect way to add a little dash of sunshine to your existing scheme and at nearly 50% off are wonderful value too! Why not visit the showroom to see the full range of cushions (currently reduced from £105 to £60) and pouffes (starting from just £50) available from this fantastic fabric range.

Inspirational Gifts

Our sales really are wonderful value and a good opportunity to purchase gifts for a summer wedding, Birthday or Anniversary and of course for the early birds amongst us to stock up on stocking fillers! I absolutely love this vibrant stationary range by Christian Lacroix which includes beautiful glass paper weights and note books featuring the designer’s iconic Butterfly Parade and Glam’azonia prints (pictured below). I also love these ‘Bijoux’ notelets (pictured below) which are the perfect thing to have tucked away for when only a hand written ‘thank you’ or invitation will do!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Paperweights with Matching Gift Boxes

Christian Lacroix ‘Butterfly Parade’ and ‘Glam’azonia’ paperweights with matching gift boxes reduced from £54 to £35.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Hardback Notebook and Note Card Set

Christian Lacroix ‘Butterfly Parade’ A4 hardback notebook, reduced from £39.95 to £25. Christian Lacroix ‘Bijoux’ note card set reduced from £25 to £15.

Alongside beautiful stationary, room fragrance is another of life’s little luxuries that really helps to elevate a living space and impart a feeling of elegance, helping one feel truly at home. These three scents (pictured below) by premium Parisian perfume house D’Orsay were handpicked by Jenny for the Teddington showroom because of the timeless elegance of these fragrances which are uplifting, yet subtle. Evoking the feeling of a Scandinavian forest, Bois de Coton comprises three woody notes – white cedar, dry ok and almond wood mellowed with iris butter, white flax and soft musk making it a refreshing and calming fragrance for bathrooms. Feuilles de Thé Epicé, rich with full bodied scents of tea, bergamot, cinnamon and clove, is comforting and warming – I like to use this fragrance in my living room to help it feel cosy, particularly as the season starts to shift and we move towards the cooler months. The notes of verbena in Fleur De Tilleul make this fragrance both refreshing and calming. I like to keep a candle in this wonderful fragrance by the bedside to impart its delicate aroma even when unlit. All three room sprays are currently reduced from £46 to £32 for 100ml. A limited number of matching candles are also available reduced from £43 to £30 while stocks last.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Room Sprays with Presentation Boxes

From left to right: Feuilles de Thé Epicé, Bois de Coton, Fleur De Tilleul room sprays in colourful presentation boxes.

The exquisite shell trinket dish and sea turtle candle holder pictured below are two unique objet which would make wonderful gifts for a special celebration. The shell dish is very large making it the perfect place to keep necklaces, rings and brooches safe. The natural beauty of the shell has been enhanced with silver in a contemporary, geometric pattern making this a really unique piece. This lovely sea turtle is made from solid white bronze which is one of my favourite materials at the moment as the colour of this beautiful metal has so much depth. This particular piece is the perfect size for a dinner candle and would work well as part of a table setting or on a bedside table.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Shell Trinket Dish and Sea Turtle Candle Holder

Left: Shell trinket dish, reduced from £35 to £18. Right: Cast white bronze sea turtle candle holder, reduced from £288 to £165.

Unique Furniture

As well as providing a haven of objet and luxurious gifts, our Teddington Showroom is also the hub of our complete interior design service and we always have a range of unique furniture on display. The sale is the perfect opportunity to acquire ex-display items that are ready for immediate collection. This Monet sofa and foot stool is a Jenny Blanc exclusive design featuring elegantly curved arm rests and a back that reclines at just the right angle for reading; all upholstered in a bold, contemporary fabric. The matching footrest is lovely and high – perfect for taking the weight off at the end of the day. One of my favourite tricks is to place a large tray on top of a footrest like this for an instant coffee table!

Jenny Blanc Blog - Exclusive Monet Chair with Footstool

Jenny Blanc exclusive Monet chair and footstool. Reduced from £2,555 to £1,950. Chair dimensions: W72cm x D93cm x H95cm. Footstool dimensions: W56cm x D38cm x H43cm.

Jenny Blanc Blog - Carved Wood Mirror

Carved wood mirror reduced from £1,555 to £850.

This beautifully carved wood mirror in a subtly distressed finish (pictured above) is wonderful value, reduced from £1,555 to £850. This is one of my favourite pieces because it’s large enough to hold its own in grand hallways or above fireplaces but because of the painted finish, the frame itself still feels delicate and light making it a natural fit for a traditional or more contemporary scheme.

The Jenny Blanc Teddington Showroom is open Monday to Saturday 9.00am – 6.00pm. The summer sale will run until the end of August 2015. If you have any questions about anything you have seen featured on the Jenny Blanc blog please don’t hesitate to contact us on 020 8943 4144 or better still, pay us a visit and let us help you pick the perfect gift of find a piece of furniture that you’ll treasure!

Showroom Director